Obafemi works as an independent project manager to provide individuals and organizations with support in planning, executing, and evaluating a wide range of projects. Starting in 2020, he established a private practice aimed at developing and managing projects that relate to his unique areas of expertise under the name of, Obafemi O. Ogunleye Projects, a.k.a. OOO (Triple O) Projects. Through his eponymous brand, Obafemi -with the help of associates- directs innovative initiatives that align with his developmental vision across several fields from education to arts and culture.

His formal project management experience began in 2013 when he joined the Project Management Institute and began to study the Project Management Body of Knowledge literature for a better understanding of the industry standards and guidelines.  In 2017, after four years of shadowing project managers, he was selected to teach an Introduction to Project Management course at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Through his teaching appointment, he further developed the skills and experiences needed for walking junior project managers through the successful completion of projects based on a client’s vision of quality while remaining within time, scope, and budget. As a testament to his management capabilities, over the years, Obafemi has been selected by major organizations to work in various roles on project teams with increasing levels of responsibilities.

Specific services provided by OOO Projects include, but are not limited to: general project management (i.e. planning, scheduling, budgeting, communications); research support (data collection, data analysis, transcribing, report writing); program evaluations (formative & summative assessments, capacity development); and consultation.

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