Obafemi works to provide individuals and organizations with support in planning, executing, and evaluating a wide range of projects. In 2017, he began teaching an Introduction to Project Management course at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Through his teaching appointment, he honed the analytical skills needed for walking client’s through the successful completion of projects based on their vision of quality while remaining within time, scope, and budget. As a testament to his management capabilities, over the years, Obafemi has been appointed to work in various roles on project teams.

Starting in 2020, Obafemi launched an independent organization aimed at managing projects under the name of: Obafemi O. Ogunleye Projects, a.k.a. OOO (Triple O) Projects. Through this business, and the help of associates, he offers professional services to local, national, and international clients. Together, the firm’s accumulated expert knowledge of project management principles are used on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of partners in search of project management solutions.

Services provided by OOO Projects include but are not limited to: project management (planning, scheduling, budgeting, communications); research support (data collection, data analysis, transcribing, report writing), program evaluations (formative & summative assessments, capacity development), and consultation.

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Ongoing projects and role:

Current projects:

  • Early Childhood Education Unified Program Project, College of Education & Human Development, University of Minnesota (2019-2021): Assistant Project Manager
  • Grand Challenges Research Initiative Program Evaluation, Office of Measurement Services, University of Minnesota (2019-2020): Research Assistant

Past projects:

  • EFNEP Mobile App Project, University of Minnesota-Extension (2018-2019): Project Manager
  • Mandela Washington Fellowship, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota (Summer 2018): Assistant Project Manager