About OOO Projects

In January 2020, Obafemi established a private project management practice under the name of Obafemi O. Ogunleye Projects, a.k.a. OOO (Triple O) Projects. The purpose of this eponymous agency is to serve as a platform whereby Obafemi can manage a portfolio of projects that align with his research and development interests. Through this platform, he provides individuals and organizations with support in planning, executing, and evaluating a wide range of small to large projects related to his areas of expertise. 

Specific services provided by OOO Projects include, but are not limited to: general project management (planning, strategy, scheduling, budgeting, communications); research support (data collection, data analysis, transcribing, report writing); program evaluations (formative & summative assessments, evaluation capacity development); and independent consultation.


For more information, contact Obafemi at: