About Obafemi


Obafemi is an international development scholar-practitioner that lives and works itinerantly between Texas and Nigeria. He is responsible for designing and managing a wide range of projects related to education and has over ten years of experience working  professionally with colleges and universities, cultural institutions, government agencies, NGOs, and international development organizations around the world. His combination of both academic and business acumen has proven effective for making positive contributions to knowledge in his respective fields while improving the operations of many organizations.

Obafemi’s academic background includes a master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies and a bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. Currently, he is a doctoral student in Comparative and International Development Education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a minor in Program Evaluation studies.

His research broadly examines the implementation of higher education policies and interventions across Nigeria and other African countries. In his dissertation study, he critically investigates the “Center of Excellence” phenomenon in West & Central Africa from the perspectives of institutional, national, and international actors involved with a particular foreign policy intervention called the Africa Centers of Excellence Project.

Through both his independent and collaborative work, Obafemi seeks to promote sustainable development for all in the field of education and beyond.


For inquiries regarding collaboration or consultation with Obafemi, contact ooo@obafemiogunleye.com